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From Alufinish to Chemly – the evolution of the brand

Discover how Chemly is bringing fresh energy to its brand through rebranding.

Freshness, modernity and strong values, that is… Chemly

Sometimes the arrival of a new era for a company is like a phoenix that rises from the ashes to rise to the heights of its potential. For Chemly, rebranding is not just a change of name or color palette. This is a metamorphosis that signals the evolution of the brand and its readiness to take on new challenges on the market.

This is a story about how an experienced company renews its image, retaining its soul, but refreshing its image in the eyes of customers and business partners.

Major changes and new philosophy of the Chemly brand

Rebranding is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a profound transformation of business philosophy. Chemly introduces improved quality in the surface treatment technology industry, with a strong emphasis on the use of digital innovations, i.e. Chemly App and personalization of the offer. This is a promise that each customer will be served according to their unique needs.

Things that remain constant at Chemly

Despite the changes, Chemly remains true to its roots. This is a company that builds on the solid foundations of Alufinish Polska, where the past and 30 years of experience are as important as new technologies and fresh ideas.

Prospects for development and innovation under the new brand

Brand rebranding is a complex process that can completely change the perception of a company on the market. Above all, it is a new chapter that combines tradition with innovation. This is an announcement that each new day will bring something new to the company’s ecosystem. We’re not slowing down!

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