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paint removal

Preparations and devices for paint stripping by Alit Technologies.

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In the field of chemical paint removal, we represent the Italian company Alit Technologies. Alit Technologies confirms its position as a leader in offering innovative paint removal systems and producing dedicated products with high performance and low environmental impact.

Fastrip line machines are industrial solutions that provide extensive customization options. They integrate perfectly with existing production lines or provide a comprehensive service on their own.


We offer an efficient and environmentally friendly range of METALSTRIP products tailored to the needs of processing various materials and processes currently used in the industry.

In this wide range of products, you can find everything from products for low-temperature paint stripping, products for stripping aluminum, zinc, and light alloys at higher temperatures, to products that must be used at high temperatures. You will also find specific products for iron materials, specially designed for new two-phase paint removal processes, as well as products specifically developed by ALIT for in-line paint removal. On our website, you will find products perfectly suited to your expectations.


Machines operating in the ALIT FASTRIP production line are industrial concepts that offer endless possibilities. They integrate perfectly with existing production lines or create a separate entity, being an ideal and forward-looking solution for professional paint removal services.

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(42) 676 26 45

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