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Machining fluids from Unitech.

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We are a representative of the renowned German company Unitech Kühlschmierstoffe, which has 50 years of experience in offering products and technologies for coolants and lubricants.

This company specializes in a personalized approach to the client, focusing on being as flexible and customer-oriented as possible in order to best meet the wishes of each individual business partner. Various options and solutions are discussed with the customer to find the optimal lubricant for the desired application area.


Waterless coolants for various machining processes and materials. Thanks to the excellent properties of lubricants, the products are characterized by excellent surface quality and long service life.


Water-miscible cooling and lubricants are used in a wide range of machining processes of various materials. The use of innovative active substances ensures excellent surface quality and long tool life.

Industrial cleaning products (PURGON)

Our product range of industrial cleaning agents can be used for all degreasing and cleaning tasks in the daily production process. The products convince with very good cleaning results and good anti-corrosion properties.


MQL coolants (German: MMS) – a group of water-immiscible cooling and lubricants specially designed for use in minimal quantity lubrication technology. The products are suitable for various application devices and impress with their universal use.

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(42) 676 26 45

92-332 Łódź, Al. Piłsudskiego 143, bud 58

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